Aidan and Sine are both certified IJ3 Iyengar Yoga Teachers with many years of experience in teaching and practice. Sine is also an experienced Ayurvedic Consultant.

Sine Ozsoy

Sine started general yoga classes about 26 years ago and continued to attend classes in London occasionally or when she was stressed. After a year of ‘playing’ with the idea of yoga she was introduced to Iyengar yoga and never looked back.

She attended Glenys Shephard’s classes in the Iyengar Yoga Institute of South London. She felt that practising Iyengar yoga improved her concentration and calmed her mind. She was intrinsically drawn to the idea of ‘uniting body & mind’. She felt that Iyengar yoga gave her the opportunity to experience this unique feeling from time to time!

B.K.S. Iyengar says ‘the first 12 years you are a beginner’ and this humbling idea captivated her and she decided to become an Iyengar teacher when she was traveling (and dancing tango!) in Buenos Aires approximately 10 years after she started Iyengar yoga. She believes that the hard-core training of Iyengar yoga and the process of becoming a teacher taught her to be humble, accepting and also made her more flexible.

She studied Ayurvedic philosophy and medicine at the European Institute of Vedic Studies. She studied with Sheila Haswell to train as a teacher and attended intermediate Iyengar Yoga classes with Sophie Carrington regularly. Sine believes yoga practice is a must for everyone regardless of age, gender and level of flexibility. Come to classes with an open mind and heart and let yourself into this amazing journey.

Sine is a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association UK and holds an Intermediate Junior 3 certification.

Aidan Love

Aidan started attending Iyengar yoga classes in London in 1997 and was instantly drawn to it. It helped to give him freedom from a long-standing back problem and he also enjoyed the calming effects on the mind that yoga practice brings. He completed the Iyengar two-year introductory teacher-training programme in 2006, his Junior Intermediate level 1 assessment in March 2012, his Junior 2 in March 2015 and his Junior 3 in October 2019.

Aidan has been lucky enough to study over long periods with some very experienced teachers in the UK including Glenys Shephard’s, Sophie Carrington, Ros Bell and Sheila Haswell. He also attended Geeta Iyengar’s 70th birthday course in Pune, India and continues to study with teachers visiting Heliotrope Yoga Holidays.

Aidan hopes to share the benefits of yoga with those he teaches. He believes that yoga can help everyone to realise their potential and live more balanced and fulfilled lives. His experience is that practicing yoga is a profound way of learning to rise to the challenges of your body and to the stresses of life. The Iyengar method provides the tools for all to benefit from yoga, and Aidan believes that yoga should be accessible to all.

Aidan moved to Istanbul in 2009 where he taught regular classes. He continues his other work as a musician/producer and also as a director of Heliotrope Yoga Holidays. In 2017 he moved to Portugal and is now back teaching in Istanbul.

Aidan is a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association UK.